Online advertising has already exceeded TV advertising – in the US (in 2014) and UK (in 2009), but market sources estimate that, a few years from now (we say 3 to 5 years), this will become a global fact. At the same time, the online market is currently the most developed media category in Europe, according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau.

Romania, although the largest country in SEE in terms of Internet users, registers the lowest penetration rate as compared to the other countries in the region: 55% of the population – 11 million users, according to INS (National Institute of Statistics).


Beyond Internet access, the Romanian digital landscape is shaped by its infrastructure, and the rising star of past years & 2014, is the mobile device. In 2014 the number of mobile users (smartphone and tablet) went up to 5.4 million.

Mobile usage and traffic grows rapidly, and the fact that mobile traffic has exceeded the desktop one in 2014 is no longer an isolated event – not surprisingly, given that the mobile growth has been heavily supported by all major players in the digital landscape – telecom, developers, publishers and advertisers alike.


The mobile-first approach of marketing reveals an important aspect of today’s consumer, that expects multi-screen, personalized and engaging brand experiences. This is where the Big Data concept steps in, increasingly important for tailoring marketing strategies.

“2014 has argued the need for a mobile-first approach and highly personalized brand experiences – a lesson that will be better understood in 2015.” – Cristi MIHAI, iManager, STRATEGAD