With all parameters of the digital environment indicating a massive growth of mobile – past and future – the online marketing landscape has embraced a new, “mobile-first” approach. Likewise, the online user has also been reshaped into a customer defined by well-established brand expectations, with the imperative NOW as a central requirement.

The answer to the new demands created a new paradigm: the responsive approach, that goes beyond design to become a customer-focused, highly personalized marketing strategy. Not only the content determines the user experience, but also the context and behaviour patterns.

A feedback-based strategy, the responsive approach in marketing can bring meaning to the customer, who can therefore enjoy the tailored experience wished for regardless of the device used. – Cristi MIHAI, iManager, STRATEGAD.

Thus, in today’s data-crowded digital world, marketers must gather and analyze all customer-generated information and, by leveraging technology, LISTEN in order to RESPOND, whenever, wherever.