THE generation for marketers worldwide, Millennials (today in their 20’s and 30’s) are Different – from their predecessors, from previous mentalities and customs, as well as from the paradigm that Marketing has been built upon. Not less important, they are defined by the economic, social, and, most of all, tech changes that have shaped our present.

Marketing to Millennials is about understanding them – a premise that has not changed, regardless of this generation’s complete makeover. – Cristi MIHAI, iManager, STRATEGAD.

Economically, the Y generation is the most affected by our century’s first major crisis, making it more financially vulnerable than previous generations. In this perspective, Millennials don’t have long-term plans, but they get the most out of the present.

Not only have Millennials been born into a world with no physical borders, but, as the most tech-savvy and educated generation in history, they  managed to create a highly connected world, in which social and cultural borders are redefined.

As the first digital-native generation, always connected and informed, Millennials have also grown to be tremendously powerful in the brand-consumer relationship, changing their status from audience to partners – in dialogue and storytelling alike. Still, despite the fact that it has never been easier to reach them, they form the most difficult audience to engage: it becomes very difficult to get their attention – not surprisingly, in Social Media and on Mobile.

Millennials are pragmatic. They have busy lives. They need to make each moment valuable and shareable. This is why they need new pillars of Marketing. – concludes Cristi MIHAI.

In an already tech-dominated global society, Millennials have been quick to adapt; now marketers must learn how to adapt the stories for the new generation, that will soon become their sole focus.