Our fast-paced daily schedules, when everything usually needs to happen yesterday, make ‘time is money’ literally true, for consumers and brands alike. The right solution, offered at the right time to the right person – in other words, relevancy and efficiency – becomes the norm in customer demands and an increasingly achievable objective for brands, in their quest to find the shortest way not only to the desires of consumers, but to their hearts as well.

Driven by mobile technology and Social Media, the past years have crystallized a new customer behavior pattern and thus ushered a new era of people’s relationships with brands: consumer-centric and built on a complex, I-want-based model; together with a generous offer of data, devices and brand communication channels, the latter shaped a more fragmented, complex, dynamic and far from predictable customer journey.

A myriad of right moments for brands to engage their consumers still continue to emerge as a result – these are precious bits of time that people steal from their daily routine and bite-size windows of opportunity for brands: simply put, micro-moments, with a macro-impact on creating brand preference.

Each of these stolen moments creates a unique context and, therefore, need. It is up to brands to find a unique solution to offer in a particular situation, for a particular individual – Cristi MIHAI, iManager, STRATEGAD.

The keystone of this technology- and data-enhanced approach to the changing customer journey is the shift from capturing attention to offering a solution – therefore a change of focus from brands to consumers, the ones who now get to choose who, when and everything in between.

Whether planned or seized, user-generated or brand-enhanced, each moment can now be the right moment to engage consumers through technology, data and creativity – Cristi MIHAI.