It takes a big idea to attract the attention of consumers and get them to buy your product – words of David Ogilvy, that highlight the essence of the 20th-century advertising: Idea, at the core of the marketing campaign.

But if creativity sells, why has data become inseparable from today’s advertising? To offer users the brand experiences they seek for: seamless regardless of the device they use, while highly personalized.

Data took the place of creativity, making it second-in-command in a marketing campaign, whose structure is currently being created based on concrete behavior patterns. Moreover, real-time user behavior information, now available to marketers through web analytics, makes personalization of experiences, destined for each customer, possible.

Creativity persuades, while data optimizes – this is the premise of A/B testing, a practice that has become a pillar of successful online advertising campaigns.

Creatives offer what analysis cannot, numbers confirm what intuition pinpoints. It isn’t a problem of which is more important, but how correlated, they can make a good marketing campaign great.

Nor creativity or data is enough anymore. The digital advertising landscape needs data-driven creativity.