Against all odds or expectations, the screen – irresistible and apparently on the edge of being a social insulator – seems to slowly become the arbitrator of our lives. Perhaps not surprisingly, not only for the now-teenaged generation, for whom technology is a sixth sense, but also for those that have discovered the unlimited resources that 24/7 Internet provides.

Think about a night at the cinema somewhere in Europe, where, during a movie, you can’t help but notice hurried fingertips on the phone, eager to let the world know about the new box office hit in town; open Instagram and you’ll meet USA’s sweetest granny ever, addicted with Candy Crush and now a viral sensation.

Technology is rapidly conquering the entire spectrum of ages and societies, making its way into our habits and altering our perception of the world – which, on the screen, becomes more liveable and, more importantly, less lonely. – Cristi MIHAI, Managing Partner, STRATEGAD.

For generations that have now reached maturity, it is a most welcome reality filter – an illusion, nonetheless. But for GenZ’s, the first born and raised in a tech-driven global society with no physical or cultural boundaries whatsoever, illusion becomes reality. It is precisely what differentiates them from their predecessors, as well as the keynote in which they must be understood, socially and culturally.

A generation not familiar with silence or solitude, they will never have to face the fear of feeling alone, because they always have a cure – it is under the pillow when they go to sleep, in front of their eyes when they wake up and always around if needed.

Life seen through the screen is endless in opportunities. There is no need to hurry – in getting married, buying a house and settling down. Time can be manipulated so that it may offer the chance to travel, to learn and live as many lives as possible in the one given to us.

From a marketing perspective, Gen Z’s are a puzzle yet to be solved. But the solution is, of course, on the same screen that now rebuilds the worldwide marketing playground.