With 16 million broadband Internet connections at the end of 2014 (according to ANCOM) and an average Internet speed that can be a reason for jealousy in many parts of the world, Romania is a very promising economic context for networking providers, many of whom have already crowded a still teenaged local market.

Shaped around price as the main criterion of purchase, the choice of the Romanian consumer for networking products has begun shifting its focus from the low-price priority to a best deal approach, in which the price-quality ratio is essential.

The reliable choice for maturing consumer expectations – who increasingly demand excellence not only in products, but in services as well – can only be the award-winning provider of an extensive range of SOHO & SMB networking equipment: TP-LINK, a Shenzhen-based company that reported almost $2 Billion in revenue and nearly 22,000 employees in December 2013.

The brand promise thus becomes a premise for the Digital Performance Marketing campaign that will be built around the TP-LINK product portfolio and run on several selected channels.

STRATEGAD will be responsible for the concept, design and deployment of the Performance-based Advertising campaign which will be carried out in two individual stages to ensure the best possible outcome. – Cristi MIHAI, Managing Partner, STRATEGAD.