In October 2013, the greatest private medical service provider in Romania began a new chapter of this story through an information and screening campaign. MedLife offered women an extra chance to find out they are healthy… for them and for their loved ones.

Discovered in early stages, breast cancer is more than 90% curable, and information, auto examination and medical exams are the ones that can make the difference in the chances of curing it.

Created by STRATEGAD, was the online support of the project, where essential information about breast cancer was structured and explained – from the importance of auto examination to disease stages or the types of screening tests that can be made for its early discovery.

“Beyond figures, the greatest accomplishment of the campaign is the fact that the MedLife message was understood. 5,000 women read about what prevention and fight against breast cancer means and, in just 3 weeks, all available appointments for medical exams were made.”

Cristi MIHAI, iManager, STRATEGAD