Traditionally, FMCG products only reach customers within an established distribution model, in which Retailers play the role of gatekeepers in the Producer – Consumer relationship. Equally conventional, FMCG brands don’t engage in dialogues with the target audience, but address to their public through cleverly designed advertising campaigns.

It was Social Media the one to start a massive change in the classic structure of the Producer – Retailer – Consumer triad, eliminating the middleman when building direct relationships that uncovered priceless insights and opportunities to use them.

Later on, brands around the world began taking new steps in forging these mutually-beneficial alliances, and designed projects that could help them better understand consumer needs, choices and lifestyles – all at scale. Leading brand both globally and within the Romanian market, Pampers could make no exception., a bet on innovation on more than just one level

For the spectator’s eyes, is an online competition designed to reward new mommies who choose Pampers for their babies. Beyond the thrill and promise of the contest, Procter & Gamble offers women a three-step journey, in which they are encouraged to share their view on the chosen products, wherever and whenever it’s more convenient for them: while in store, as soon as they get home from shopping, during a small break or at the end of the day.

Behind the curtain, the mission of the product-centric concept is to open up a direct dialogue between the brand and new mothers, who want to choose only what’s best for their little ones.

Whom better to ask for opinions and advice than moms? After all, they always know best – Cristi MIHAI, Managing Partner, STRATEGAD.