Still a rapidly developing telecom market, with impressive growth figures YoY in terms of adoption and usage of telecom services and products, Romania is an environment in which offer & demand race at high speeds.

Guardian of an increasingly competitive market and a mediator between providers and end users, ANCOM (The National Authority for Management and Regulation in Communications) created 4 tools able to respond to a real need of the Romanian telecom consumer: a justifiable investment in the chosen services.,, and InfoCenter are thus consumer-oriented online platforms giving Romanians the possibility to research, analyse and evaluate the services provided by their chosen suppliers.

The connective tissue of the 4 tools created by ANCOM is the Romanian Consumer – the one to give the measure of their utility and value. This is why we designed our approach as an invitation, asking them to be an active part of the ANCOM mission. We are proposing a partnership. – Cristi MIHAI, Managing Partner, STRATEGAD.

One that takes the pressure off the relationship between end users and telecom companies by encouraging transparency, competition and innovation, all in the benefit of the Consumer – which, given that 92% of Romanians are subscribed to paid TV services and there are currently 8.8 million Internet subscriptions and a staggering 22.7 million mobile phone users, is virtually everyone aged 18-65 in rural & urban areas.

To address to such a vast audience, we created contexts easily identifiable for all Romanians, using characters they can relate to: Ioana, Mihai, Daria and Matei Informescu – your average husband-wife two-child family, that can easily obtain any information related to telecom from one reliable source: ANCOM.

“It’s easy to choose with ANCOM” – headline and driving force of the Digital Advertising campaign powered by Image, Text & Video and run between March – April 2016 on a selected set of communication channels Romanians most rely on.