A walk on the alleys of a late XIXth century Bucharest is an irresistible invitation for anyone living in the Capital of Romania. It was, for us, a time of plenitude, of cultural and social effervescence, as well as an endless source of inspiration for one of the most prominent dramatists Romania has ever given: I.L. Caragiale.

Through his eyes we have access to the people of today and yesterday, immortalized in a photograph which unfolds the habits, lights and shadows that create their inner world. He reveals, in texts written more than 130 years ago, a picture in which each of us can recognize our lives today.

“Bucureștii lui Caragiale” – The Bucharest of Caragiale – is the place we invited everyone to discover, in a six-evening festival of theatre and film created based on the most well-known plays of Caragiale.

Currently with 1.8 million users in Bucharest alone, Facebook was the natural choice for us to launch our invitation. 14 days – that was all Bucharest needed to form a 10,000+ online community of people that wished to enjoy an evening in a Bucharest they have never known, but always wanted to visit.

And indeed they did. All the stage plays included in the program of the “Bucureștii lui Caragiale” Festival were performed before a full house.

It was the present Bucharest gave to those that brought Little Paris back to life: The Comedy Theatre, The Bulandra Theatre, The Metropolis Theatre, the State Jewish Theatre, Studio Amena and the Romanian National Film Center.

Photo Courtesy of Valentin Răzvan.