Monday. June 23rd, 2003. All of Bucharest seems to be on holiday.
It’s a fine day for starting a story that now celebrates its 14 years’ anniversary…


We have learned from old Romanian tales that heroes grow, in just one year, as much as others do in seven. An age of dreamers, as the 2000s were, did just that: it nurtured the birth of entrepreneurs and grew real, flesh and blood heroes – that haven’t actually saved the damsel in distress, but instead conquered the world, fast and for good.

It took us twice as long – more precisely, 14 years – but during this time, we dared and won, we failed and learned, working for dozens of clients to whom hundreds of our professionals delivered thousands of projects.

What’s beyond these figures is what matters most, however: The people that grew with us and the clients that trusted us – each, a valuable step that brought us here today. They are our heroes.

As for the world, it will continue to restlessly search for new stories, because they move and force it to change. But remember, the heroes of these stories are not only the ones who live in them, but the ones that make them possible as well. The dreamers.

We continue to believe 1+4=14 even if sometimes it takes a leap of faith.